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Walmart empowers HBCU students with the Black & Unlimited HBCU tour

Walmart Black & Unlimited HBCU Tour is a fall campaign that empowers young Black students.

Walmart has been working hard to reach out to the Black community. This tour is no exception.

Walmart visited four historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) from October 10-21. The tour’s goal was to provide students with more tools and access to help them write their own legacy while highlighting their school using their special interest.

Walmart has selected four HBCUs for its tour: Central State University (10 Oct.), Virginia State University (12 Oct.), North Carolina Central University (18 Oct.) and Mississippi Valley State University (20 October).

A mobile creator studio visited each HBCU, where students were able show off their skills, learn about how to turn passion into profit and much more.

The tour showcased the creative side hustles of beauty, photography and videography as well as design, artisanship, and design.

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